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Sattva and Mettā – Musica Nova 2015

My recent works Mettā (2014), for soprano saxophone and percussion (commissioned by the Bent Frequency Duo Project) and Sattva (2015), an electroacoustic work, were both named Honorable Mentions (second place) in the instrumental and electroacoustic categories at this year’s prestigious Musica Nova 2015 competition in the Czech Republic.  First time I have had two works honored in the same competition – and in two different categories!


You can read more about this at the American Composers Alliance site:


There is also information at the Musica Nova site:


Just in case you are in Prague:

December 11th 2015, 7 p.m., Alfréd ve Dvoře Theatre,

Fr. Křížka 36, Praha 7 (close to Veletržní palác)


Pale Blue Dot – set for release in November on Anodize

The Anodize project, Pale Blue Dot,  is now completed.  It can be pre-ordered at the Anodize page at Bandcamp by following this link:



I hope you will enjoy this new project.

I am now on to the next two releases – and in between I am finishing up De-Re-Construction for online distribution – an homage to Luciano Berio.


Bent Frequency Duo Project Recording

Bent Frequency Duo Project Recording

The debut CD of the Bent Frequency Duo Project: a premiere recording of new American works for saxophone and percussion.


As one of the Southeast’s most innovative and exciting music ensembles, Bent Frequency (BF) has been committed to presenting contemporary music at the highest level and has been a catalyst in the creation of many new works. The Bent Frequency Duo Project, a subset of the larger ensemble, features co-artistic directors Jan Berry Baker (saxophone) and Stuart Gerber (percussion). The BF Duo Project has commissioned 17 new works for saxophone and percussion and has given over 30 performances of these new works across the US and in Germany in the past two years. We are applying for support through New Music USA to release a CD of this music. This CD will be the debut recording of Bent Frequency.

The six American composers featured on this CD represent a diverse range of artistic aesthetics and compositional trends. Roulettes by Chris Burns explores a surprisingly wide timbral spectrum given the limited instrumental palette of saxophone and crotales. Jeff Herriott’s I Stood on the Shore and Looked up at the Birds creates an otherworldly soundscape through the combination of electronically processed saxophone mulitphonics and resonant metal bowls and pipes. You Don’t Need Eyes to See by Amelia Kaplan was inspired by the use of echolocation by the visually impaired. Devin Maxwell’s Seven Hills, OH is a musical memoir of his time spent in Cincinnati. In METTĀ Robert Scott Thompson blurs the distinctions between the ephemeral and the concrete through masterful integration of live and electroacoustic components. Child’s Play written by 2015 Guggenheim fellow Amy Williams combines virtuosic saxophone writing (employing multiphonics, slap tonguing, key clicks, and fast filigree passages) with elegantly simple percussion played on toy instruments.

The BF Duo Project has performed these works numerous times at music festivals across the country (New Music Greensboro, Unruly Music Festival, Sam Houston State Contemporary Music Festival), a residency in Nuremburg Germany for the Tage Aktueller Musik, and at many elite institutions across the US. Distributing a recording of these works will make this commissioning project as comprehensive as possible.

The BF Duo Project is requesting funding through New Music USA to allow us to record, publish, and disseminate these important new American works to the broader musical community. We’ve begun recording these pieces and the final editing and mastering will be completed by 1 Dec. 2015. We have secured a letter of intent from Centaur Records stating that they are interested in releasing this recording. We anticipate a release date in early 2016.

This project will cost $10,500. We have secured $6500 in funding through grants, private donations and recent touring activities and will be launching a Power2Give fundraising campaign this fall. We are requesting $2000 from New Music USA to help complete this project.

The BF Duo Project is very proud of these new works. This premiere recording represents the culmination of this project to date and is emblematic of Bent Frequency’s longstanding dedication to the creation and promotion of new works.

Project-related Media

METTA by Robert Scott Thompson

The Bent Frequency Duo Project performance of Robert Scott Thompson’s METTA (for soprano saxophone, percussion,and electroacoustics) at the Erikson Clock on the “Black Angels” concert, 3 December 2014.

De [re] Construction

A few new things of recent days.  Firstly, the new ambient record, Summer Idyll, is out and is on Spotify and all other download sites, including iTunes.  The materials of this recording were developed during the summer 2015 sessions for the Anodize record and some of the tracks on Summer Idyll are “alternate versions” or early versions of material that may makes its way onto the forthcoming Anodize project.


Summer Idyll is also a subscriber exclusive download at the Bandcamp site.


Another new track that is now coming to the streaming and download sites is Telemetry 786.  At the moment, the track can be heard on the Soundcloud page:

Mick Dundee Garlick  recently commented on this track: “You have that distinctive sound that is yours alone, a dream, hallucination, a place beyond this world.”  Humbling words coming from an acknowledged expert in the field of electronic music.

Finally, a new long-form, avant-garde electroacoustic work has been released as a “free” download at Bandcamp. De [re] Construction is an homage to the late Italian avant-gardist composer Luciano Berio. Made with Csound and a ring modulator, the algorithms composed to create the work were programmed while in residency at the Institut international de musique électroacoustique de Bourges (IMEB) in 2007.  This new recording is the first complete reference to this experimental work undertaken at the IMEB studios.

Summer Idyll – the album is forthcoming

A new ambient record – Summer Idyll – has been released on the streaming and download sites.  At over 80 minutes it has a total of six tracks of all new material.  More info and links shortly.

Summer Idyll has evolved out of a number of session out-takes for the Anodize project that is currently underway.

For those interested, you can get this album for free by becoming a SUBSCRIBER at Bandcamp.  More information about this is here:


Adrift (Upon Sidereal Winds) – a remix from the album project Sidereal (2002)

A relatively recent version (excerpt) of a track from the CD Sidereal.  This new version is not available on any albums at the moment.  However, it is on all the download sites – including iTunes – for those who may be interested.

Here are the original recordings – Sidereal is in two different CD versions.  The background sounds on this record, alluding to the various interstellar sounds that people find so fascinating, are actually handmade using SuperCollider!  A wonderful program for creating computer music.

On the records these subtle droning sound fields create a backdrop for the unfolding of the music.  The “discrete” version presents the flow as separate tracks that are bounded by silences while the “continuous” version presents the material as originally conceived.  Recorded in 2002 and re-mastered in 2007.