A few new things of recent days.  Firstly, the new ambient record, Summer Idyll, is out and is on Spotify and all other download sites, including iTunes.  The materials of this recording were developed during the summer 2015 sessions for the Anodize record and some of the tracks on Summer Idyll are “alternate versions” or early versions of material that may makes its way onto the forthcoming Anodize project.


Summer Idyll is also a subscriber exclusive download at the Bandcamp site.


Another new track that is now coming to the streaming and download sites is Telemetry 786.  At the moment, the track can be heard on the Soundcloud page:

Mick Dundee Garlick  recently commented on this track: “You have that distinctive sound that is yours alone, a dream, hallucination, a place beyond this world.”  Humbling words coming from an acknowledged expert in the field of electronic music.

Finally, a new long-form, avant-garde electroacoustic work has been released as a “free” download at Bandcamp. De [re] Construction is an homage to the late Italian avant-gardist composer Luciano Berio. Made with Csound and a ring modulator, the algorithms composed to create the work were programmed while in residency at the Institut international de musique électroacoustique de Bourges (IMEB) in 2007.  This new recording is the first complete reference to this experimental work undertaken at the IMEB studios.