Robert Scott Thompson has spent a great deal of time in the “perpendicular universe.” James Johnson has been flirting with that zone for quite some time. On Forgotten Places, they make that journey together. The long-awaited collaboration between Robert and James is now available! And it is a sonic treasure! Robert’s recent focus has been on his experimental and computerized avant-garde sound designs. James has blossomed into one of the pre-eminent minimalists of the new millennium.

This release has it all! It is packed with gentle ambience, drifting minimalism and soothing nature samples. There is even some evidence of Robert’s experimental stylings but the disc is mostly soft expansive minimalism. Both artists are right at home in that arena. The smooth refrains and sweeping synth washes surround the samples and a solemn acoustic piano augments the electronics. Deep listeners will explore the depths of pastoral beauty and relaxation. The emotional and spiritual investments are high stakes. Robert and James both expressed how smooth and effortless the exchange of ideas has been. Each recalled that there was a synergy at play that was devoid of ego. The result is a gentle ride to the intensity of the perpendicular worlds.

‘The Pearl’ (Eno/Budd) for the new millennium” – Wind and Wire

“The dreamy and lilting pianoscapes of Johnson with Thompson’s select embellishments and treatments are in perfect balance.” – All About Jazz

“Absolutely must be heard to be appreciated … sheer beauty” – Instrumental Weekly

Forgotten Places can be puchased here: