An excursion into uncharted soundscapes.

by eTripper

“Frontier” is truly a benchmark album, by a ‘pioneering force’ in the genre of electronic music. The colors, nuances, and movement between the light, and darkness; is truly amazing! I am surprised by a lack of reviews on this superlative excursion into these uncharted, and experimental soundscapes. Robert Scott Thompson is in a rarified class of electronic composers like: Giles Reaves, Michael Sterns, and Jonn Serrie. Words like thought-provoking, and astounding come immediately to mind when listening to this album. There’s a lot innovation on this one, truly an achievement! Be prepared to journey into the strange, and mysterious realms created by one of the masters, who so aptly provide ‘soundtracks’ to these other realities. This is by far my favorite Thompson CD, and should be in any ambient collector’s library. Highly Recommended.