This recording comprises some of the work that I composed when I was Composer in Residence at IMEB (Bourges France) for the Commande Commission in 2007.

This is what one critic wrote about it:

The sonic world of Robert Scott Thompson is rife with contrast. Having recorded original works in the contemporary art music arena since 1976, he is among the world’s leading experimental composers, and one of the most intellectual at that. For Thompson, a sound is a color, a mood, a setting, and most interestingly, a fully-realized idea that is as specific as it is abstract. The audio manipulation here is clearly the work of a master. –The Silent Ballet

I conceived of this set of works a a concert suite of electroacoustic music in four movements, originally composed for world premiere presentation at the SOUND Festival of New Music in Aberdeen, Scotland, on November 15, 2008.

The concert premiere presented the work in multi-channel surround (octophonic: 8-channels) and this studio recording is a stereo realization of the original concert mix.