After 20 years on air, Sound Quality finishes up with this show. So what should I play? Should I go through all the artists that got their first play on the program and then went on to great success? Should I play artists that stretched the fabric of sound? Should I play my favourite pieces…. no – I think the best thing to do is what the program has always done, play new artists; unreleased work, new approaches to sound and new labels. That’s it!  (Tim Ritchie, 2015)

Sound Quality seeks out the interesting, evolutionary, inaccessible and wonderful, because music doesn’t need to fit into an existing genre to be understood.

The last season of Sound Quality ended on Friday 23 January 2015.

It was amazing indeed that Morning of the World made it, under the wire as it were, to be included in the final broadcast by Tim at ABC.  Tim has been a supporter for a long time and I was so delighted that he was able to include my work on the final broadcast.  What an honor!

He will be missed in this role at ABC!  I hope that he will continue on to support and expose new and innovative music and recordings well into the future.


Thank you, Tim!