In the studio all this week working on the Anodize project.  Some new approaches to this one – not strictly in the classical ambient mold, and not strictly electroacoustic or computer music either. There are a number of touchstones – recordings and artists that are inspiring this shift in focus.  However, it was a comment from Darren Bergstein, owner of Anodize, that has had the most profound effect on the compositional approach – an invitation really – to move beyond to the new, and to express the essential – to reach somewhere yet unvisited.  This has brought be back to the early approaches and the primary infatuation with the synthesizer.

Some new tools are being brought to bear though – such as Circle – quite an interesting software synth.  The new Zynapiq spectral processor Morph is also lending some effort to the sound design. And, of course the Pacarana.  This will be a Kyma-heavy release to be sure.

Today there will be some field recording work as well.  Birds in the area mostly, and some wind chimes to time-stretch. There is one local loud-mouth that has quite a set of pipes.  What to try to get him on tape today.  This work is for the side-project for cats by Bodakur von Bodetovan – the canine producer.  Look for that one shortly on Aucourant.

Some studio out-takes will be posting shortly.  In the meantime enjoy the spring flowers.


~ rst

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