It is inspiring to have one’s work acknowledged; and, the support of One World Music for the 2014 release Arcana (Relaxed Machinery) has been particularly inspiring to me.

Steve Sheppard ( has written an in-depth review of Arcana and his superb analysis shows that he really gets what I am trying to do with album projects of this type and ambient music in general.

To be honored with a nomination for an award for the recording is totally unexpected and so gratifying – especially considering the artists who are also nominated.  These are some really great recordings that deserve a wide audience and careful repeated listening.  I hope you can check them out!

Back in the studio today – after a load of school work this AM – to record overdubs on a new track that will shortly post to Soundcloud ( for free download.  Studio out-takes, works in progress and other materials post there.  This particular track is a studio out-take and is related to the Morning of the World recording.


OWM AWARDS press release
We are now proud to announce the next section of our awards, this time for the Best Ambient Music Album, and the nominations are:

Don Slepian and Beginnings 2
Alpha Wave Movement and Archaic Frontiers
Paul Sills and Memories from Sleep
Robert Scott Thompson and Arcana
Steve Roach and The Delicate Forever
Jeff Pearce and With Evening Above
Maneki Neko Neko and Muchi Motsu
Al Gromer Khan and Inner Witness
Michael Michael Brückner and Two Letters From Crimea
Liquid Mind and Relaxing Rain and Ocean Mixes.

Congratulations to the nominees and we wish them all the best in the next round, which will make a final five.


Here is an alternative mix of one of the tracks on Arcana.  I hope you might have time to listen.