Recently, friends working in music journalism suggested that I start a blog about my studio work and document the evolution of my future projects online. So, I have taken the suggestion and have started this modest blog.

We shall see how it goes.

At present I am composing and recording a new album for Anodize.  This is planned for release at the end of the summer.  Later in the year there will be new recordings for Relaxed Machinery and Dark Winter.  A rather busy time for studio work now.

Projects that I have been working on for a while are taking shape.  Dragging the Sea with Dreams (awaiting a beautiful cover design by visionary artist Victoria Bearden) and The Active Side of Infinity are also planned to drop in 2015.  These are rather complex recordings so it may be a while yet.  Still tracking these.  Both will be on Aucourant.

Pattern Language – a new electroacoustic and experimental project based on musical topos and geometries – both natural (spider webs) and mathematical (fractals, for example), and also the planned Palimpsest – a free-wheeling sonic adventure – will be forthcoming on CD and in digital download.  My duo collaboration with composer Erdem Helvacioglu (decidedly NOT avant-garde) is currently being overdubbed in preparation for mixing and mastering.

Various side projects, singles, long-form ambient projects and “this and that” are periodically appearing in digital distribution – iTunes, Spotify and so on.  So, if you are interested in these kinds of random outpourings check there.  Some of this material may take a long time to find release on compact disc.  Some works may never be physically released.

The recent digital only release – Morning of the World (an Honourable Mention at Textura) will be available on CD soon at the various online outlets including Bandcamp, Amazon and the Aucourant Records website (currently undergoing an update). The recording is at the pressing plant at the moment.  My decision to release it on physical CD  is largely due to the positive critical regard that has met this modest project – almost immediately upon completing it.  I have found the response to be really very gratifying, and also quite unexpected. I am so thankful that the project has found some enthusiastic listeners.

I love the studio.  Nice to be able to live there.